The idea, the shape, the product

TEMA PLAST, founded in 1987, after important experiences in moulds manufacturing, has been developing Know-How and skills in the engineering of plastic parts, reverse engineering and prototyping.

Today TEMA PLAST manufactures plastic injection moulds up to a weight of 25 tons and is specialized in developing engineering, Mold-flow, Gas-flow and FEM analysis.

TECNEKO, on the other hand, specializes in injection moulding, has many injection machines (from 200 to 1400 Tons.) and uses multi-injections and gas injection technologies.

The flexibility to meet the requests and needs of customers, cooperation with the most famous designers, experience in product development and preponderant creativity, are the main philosophy of TEMA PLAST and TECNEKO and have allowed the group to reach an international dimension.

Green Innovation

We have been investing in a more eco-sustainable future for many years and thanks to research and experimentation we have unique solutions in the field of bioplastics and recycling.
Tecneko - Temaplast

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