A sustainable economy that respects the capacity limits of our planet requires a transformation towards low-resource, climate-friendly and socially responsible products and economic models.

Our company has been investing in this direction for quite some time, managing to develop two solutions:

  • A family of materials, ORGANIC BLEND, which uses an innovative approach where the concept of plastic, commonly understood, dissolves into the concept of non-plastic;
  • a family of recycled materials called RECYCLED BLEND that can guarantee excellent aesthetics and mechanics.

Tecneko - Temaplast

It’s a patented family of blends composed of Bio-Based plastics, created for durable goods that meet different needs: mechanical, aesthetic and thermal.
We have been operating in the furniture sector for many years and in this sense we have created a material that is particularly suitable for designing cutting-edge seats. The collaboration with important world-renowned designers has not only resulted in the need to create an environmentally sustainable material, but also to visually convey the enormous added value.

Today, in fact, many "green" solutions fail completely in the intent to communicate their nature if not explicitly expressed, thus weakening the consumer’s interest.
ORGANIC BLEND, is a material that communicates all its innovative environmental strength with extraordinary effectiveness at first glance.
When we talk about ORGANIC BLEND we are talking about a mixture of fibers and plastics of vegetable origin that needs less energy to be produced and less energy to be processed, each component comes from a renewable resource and therefore does not affect the fossil resources of our planet.

It’s a family of recycled materials that have the characteristic of being black and very precise colors, thus combining attention to the environment with the commercial needs of repeatability and aesthetics of the product.
It is obtained starting from the base of the best-selected PIR materials (Post Industrial Recycling) and with high mechanical characteristics, comparable to the virgin material of the first choice.
It is a material that is doubly ecological for the environment because it uses new fossil resources but even reuses industrial waste that becomes usable raw material again.
The product life of the product remains that typical of polymers, therefore is long-lived compared to that of other materials, and the recyclability of RECYCLED BLEND remains total as for all plastics..

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